“Death Spread of Autumn” and Having Your Camera Handy

It’s always good to have your camera with you. This is something I’ll probably be mentioning from time to time here. You never know when you’ll run across a scene that you’ll want to photograph, and sometimes this even comes in the form of a place you pass on a daily basis. This shrine is a local one in my town in Matsudo, and I pass it regularly on my way to and from my train station. Most of the time I don’t take photos or even look much in the direction of it, but every now and then there’s a great scene that I want to capture. Now since this is not too far from my house, I could head home, grab my camera, and come back. But by that time the light would be different, the clouds would be different, and a gust of wind could spread the leaves all over the place. Not to mention, by the time I get home I might not feel like heading back especially with the chance it won’t be worth it. But, since I happened to have my camera in my bag with me and the timing was right, I was able to take this. I’ve got a lot of these kinds of photos. I’ve even sold some of them. So as a rule of thumb, having your camera with you is a good thing.

That said, don’t get to obsessed. As a husband and father, I think it’s good sometimes to leave everything at home and just give your intention to those you love – and not through the lens of your camera.

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Tokina 11-16mm
Shot Info: f/9 | 1/15sec | ISO500 | 13mm

Photo of Japanese Shrine

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