A Day at Hitachi Seaside Park

One of the things I love most about Japan is the number of places that seem like they could have come straight out of a fantasy land in a book. One such place is the Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture. Certainly, Ibaraki isn’t the most popular of prefectures in Japan, but perhaps some of the best hidden travel gems are in places just like that. Of course, as you can see in some of these pictures, it’s not hidden to the Japanese – but just imagine how crowded this would be if it were closer to Tokyo! The nearest train station to the park is about an hour and a half from Ueno Station in Tokyo, and it’s still a bit of a bus or taxi ride from that station to the park. But it’s well worth the trip if you’re nearby around May. They actually have multiple festivals they do throughout the year there. This particular one is called Nemophilia Harmony, and it is nothing short of magical.

Along with the photos I’m sharing today, I also made a video to go along with it. Although I generally focus on photographs, I do like to try my hand now and again at some video using my DSLR. I hope this video along with the photos will give you an idea of what it’s like to spend some time at the park during this festival. It’s a unique and special display to behold. If you have the chance to see it in person, make sure you take it!

Photo of Hitachi Seaside ParkNemophilia flowersPhoto of nemophilia flowersRed Poppy FlowerPhoto of Hitachi Seaside Park

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