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Macro of Cherry Blossoms

Kawazu Sakura in Macro

Towards the end of March, just as the Sakura were beginning to blossom, I made an evening trip to Asakusa to see what I might find. As I was walking along the river, I could see some trees across the way that had blossomed quite fully already. These weren’t the typical Somei Yoshino kind you see in Japan though, but rather the Kawazu variety which bloom earlier, last much longer, and have a deep pink...
Beautiful photo of cherry blossoms in Japan

Blossoms Like Clouds

One of the many things I love about Sakura is how there are so many different ways to look at and enjoy them. This shot comes from the same tree as in this picture from a few days back. That one was taken with a wide angle lens, while this was taken with my 85mm (which on my cropped sensor body is a bit of a zoom). Two completely different views, but both just as...
Photo of Satte Japan

A Lovely Spring Day In Satte

Got to spend a beautiful Spring day in Satte today with my family. Satte is in Saitama Prefecture, and although it’s only an hour or two outside of Tokyo, it’s not nearly as crowded but (in my opinion) more lovely than anywhere I’ve seen in Tokyo. Especially mixed with the yellow rapeseed blossoms, the large number of Sakura lining the main strip is just a beautiful. It was a lovely day, and I was so...
Beautiful Cherry Blossom tree in Japan

The Sakura Big One

Cherry Blossom season is upon us here in Japan! It started late last week, while today and tomorrow will likely be the peak days around Tokyo. I was a bit concerned after we had much rain and wind yesterday, but thankfully the blossoms were very early in their progression and managed to hang on. I’ve been running all over the place trying to catch what I can of them while the weather is good. The...
Photo of Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

Firstfruits of Spring

The Sakura have begun blooming around Tokyo – Spring is officially here! Camera: Nikon D7000 Lens: Nikon 35mm f/1.8G Shot Info: f/2.8 | 125sec | ISO100 | 35mm Click Here To Purchase A Print