Rainy Day At The Tokyo International Forum

Ever since I bought my new camera, two things have not really allowed me to test it out all that much: my schedule and the weather. It’s been raining much of the last couple of weeks, and my schedule has been busier or at least busy on the days when it wasn’t raining. But I did get out this week on one of those rainy days to see what I could find behind my new equipment. One place that’s always good to stop by in that kind of weather is the Tokyo International Forum. It’s an architectural masterpiece, and with plenty of vantage points to explore, it’s easy to stay occupied for a good while. I had to wait a while for this shot though – people were walking by, but not next to the window. This lady with a vibrant pink umbrella was just the match I was looking for on an otherwise rainy, dreary day.

Photo of woman with pink umbrellaClick Here To Purchase A Print

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