Hyakuhiro Waterfall In Okutama Japan

Some time ago I came across a photo of the Hyakuhiro Waterfall in Okutama, and ever since I wanted to take a visit. The name Hyakuhiro means “100 hiros,” with a hiro being an old Japanese unit of measurement. While the waterfall isn’t exactly 100 hiros tall, which would be over 4 times its actual height, it is 40 meters tall (~130 feet), making it one of the largest waterfalls near Tokyo. I was finally able to make the trip to this waterfall last week, as autumn colors were beginning their display. However, getting to this waterfall was a real pain – the combo of train and bus rides, along with an hour and a half uphill hike in wet conditions made for a long journey. Despite leaving my local train station at 6:30 in the morning, I didn’t arrive until noon. That gave me just enough time to eat lunch and take photos before I had to begin the hike back. In fact, I only caught my bus with about 3 minutes to spare, with the next bus being over an hour later when things would be considerably darker!

Despite the trouble in getting there, I’m really glad I went. This is an incredible waterfall to experience in person, and now I can share that experience through my photography. And really, that’s what makes photo education so valuable: it allows you to genuinely share your experiences through your images. Taking a snapshot might bring a memory back for me personally, but it likely won’t communicate that memory to others. Thus, learning how to take photos on location and edit them at home is almost like learning a new language – a photographic language that allows you to communicate your memories more accurately. For me at least, that’s at the heart of photography.

Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 16-35mm f/4
Shot Info: f/13 | Multiple Exposures (blended) | ISO 100 | 16mm
HT: Ridgeline Images for useful information in English!

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