Free Japan HD Wallpapers From Cherry Blossom Season

Since travel to Japan is still impossible for most people due to the pandemic, I imagine there will be a lot of people wishing they could be here for cherry blossom season, daydreaming about hanami and the beautiful sights of this unique event. While I can’t open the borders for you, I can at least provide some beautiful images to enjoy while you daydream. Below are some of my favorite images from cherry blossom season here in Japan, prepared as backgrounds for your devices. A few are made as HD desktop wallpapers, and a few others are made for mobile devices.

**Please note, these images are available only for personal use as a desktop or mobile device background.**

I hope you enjoy! Please make sure to follow me on Instagram and Youtube to see more from the season and the rest of the year here in Japan!


Download Instructions:

To download, simply click on the image which will take you to my galleries to download.
See full gallery and download all images here: Japan Cherry Blossom HD Wallpapers

Boats and Blossoms at Hirosaki Castle Park
Crowds Of The Cherry Blossom Festival
Sakura Blizzard at Hirosaki Castle Moat
Hirosaki Castle Between Two Pink Cherry Blossom Trees
Cherry Blossom Branch at Ashinokoen
Boats and Cherry Blossoms At Hirosaki Castle, Japan Hirosaki Castle Behind Pink Cherry Blossoms_Portrait Blossoms On Blue And Clouds Hirosaki Tree and Boats_Mobile HD Hirosaki Weeping Cherry Blossoms_Portrait

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