Death of a Sakura

This photo is one of the first ones I took during this year’s cherry blossom season around Tokyo. I went out early one morning to Shinjuku Park, where thankfully several trees had already begun to bloom quite beautifully. For whatever reason, this full flower had fallen off and landed on the soft green moss beneath. With the lighting it was just perfect! So many photographers were there and all pointing the cameras up into the tree and unfortunately (although I guess fortunate for me) missed this shot below.

Photo of single cherry blossomClick Here To Purchase A Print

There’s also a great lesson to be learned her. I took this picture, then walked away and did some other things. Maybe 15-30 minutes later, I walked back to find this. Don’t wait for the shot – get it while it’s there! You never know how long the opportunity will last. Probably a good life lesson as well. 🙂

Squished Blossom

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