Pub Wall In Tokyo & New Quick Tip

Tokyo is, to quote the eminent philosopher Forrest Gump, “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” This is especially true for photographers. Wandering around Tokyo is akin to a treasure hunt. The city is full of unique scenes to photograph, tucked in places that could be easily overlooked, and may well have never been discovered by any camera before. You could be walking down a relatively uninteresting street, only to turn the corner and end up spending an hour there with your camera. Such was the case with this picture. Well, I didn’t spend an hour here, but I did turn the corner and find this lovely decorated wall. The wall is, as you might guess, part of a restaurant, or more accurately part of a pub near a train station in Tokyo. Many of the train stations in Tokyo are surrounded by pubs like this, inviting in the salary men each night as they head home from work. The name of the place, Yotteke, is associated with intoxication. Although I personally don’t drink alcohol, I will say their food looks delicious and the decorations are fantastic!

With today’s picture I’ve also included a Before & After version, as well as new Quick Tip video talking about using the highlights and whites sliders Lightroom. The distinction between these two sliders may not be obvious to many users (same with the shadows and blacks sliders) so I hope this short video will help clear that up so you can use them more effectively. That distinction actually came in handy for this particular image. You can watch the Quick Tip video just below the image.

Click Here For A Larger Image


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