The Ride Is Over

Here’s another from the snow yesterday. In Japan where many people use bicycles, if it starts snowing and/or getting icy, that can pose a definite problem! Hope this guy didn’t have too far to go, though.

By the way, I’d like to talk a minute about cropping photos. For a long time I didn’t realize the importance of this aspect of photography, but how you crop can totally change the look and feel of a photo. Of course, ideally you’d like to get to use the whole frame and not need to crop at all, but sometimes that just isn’t possible, especially when you’re shooting in the moment and with a fixed focal length lens. In this case, I was shooting with my 85mm lens from the end of the platform of my local train station. If you look below today’s photo, you can see what this photo looked like without any cropping. There’s a big rail at the bottom and I would say a little too much space on the left. It ends up distracting from the subject. But with a little bit of cropping, everything comes together well. Point being – don’t be afraid to crop! Although it’s good to be mindful of how big of a picture you’re working with. Too tight a crop, and you won’t have much photo left to share!

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.8G
Shot Info: f/1.8 | 1/400 sec | ISO320 | 85mm

Photo of snow in Japan


Un-cropped Image:



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