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Hyakuhiro Waterfall Japan

Hyakuhiro Waterfall In Okutama Japan

Some time ago I came across a photo of the Hyakuhiro Waterfall in Okutama, and ever since I wanted to take a visit. The name Hyakuhiro means “100 hiros,” with a hiro being an old Japanese unit of measurement. While the waterfall isn’t exactly 100 hiros tall, which would be over 4 times its actual height, it is 40 meters tall (~130 feet), making it one of the largest waterfalls near Tokyo. I was finally...
A bridge in the woods over a stream

A Bridge In The Woods Of Nagano

I’ve tried to be more pointed in my photography throughout this year. That is to say, when I go someplace, I try to have a better idea of what I want to shoot, rather than just wandering around aimlessly shooting anything and everything. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with shooting like that, but with landscape photography, especially when you’re doing long exposures and/or working with a very specific lighting situation, discipline can be...