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Photo of Japanese lantern at Meiji Jingumae

Illuminating the snow at Meiji Jingumae

This photo comes from the big snowfall Tokyo received on the 8th of February. I made my way around Tokyo that day, taking pictures at various places trying to capture the feel around the city. For all the snow, the shrine was quite popular this day. In fact, I think there was even a wedding held here that day. Quite a day for a wedding! I really liked the way the snow and Japanese architecture...
Snowy Shrine

Frozen Shadows

This is another photo I took with my wife’s Nikon J1 during Tokyo’s most recent snowstorm. I was a bit frustrated to see yet another storm come and this time not have my camera, but she was gracious enough to lend me hers – under the condition I not let the same happen to her camera that happened to mine! So this time I took with me a large umbrella and held that the entire...