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Photo of snow in Japan

The Ride Is Over

Here’s another from the snow yesterday. In Japan where many people use bicycles, if it starts snowing and/or getting icy, that can pose a definite problem! Hope this guy didn’t have too far to go, though. By the way, I’d like to talk a minute about cropping photos. For a long time I didn’t realize the importance of this aspect of photography, but how you crop can totally change the look and feel of a...
Photo of Matsudo Japan

Matsudo Sidestreet & Capturing The Mood

One of the goals I’ve had for this year is to try to capture the feeling of Japan better, and with that in mind I spent some time walking around my own town of Matsudo yesterday evening. It’s one thing to capture a lovely landscape or cityscape, but those are a dime a dozen and while I enjoy taking them (quite a bit actually), they don’t really share what it’s like to live here –...