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Photo of old shack in Japan

Fisherman’s Shack of Kawaguchiko

It feels like a long time since I’ve really put up a new photo. The last few months have been relatively quiet in terms of photography, but this last week I was able to make up for that. I took a trip with fellow photographer Anthony Wood to Kawaguchiko and Karuizawa to photograph the autumn colors which are popping around Japan right now. I took over 1000 photos (around 32GB worth) and although many of...
Photo of Japan in Autumn

Warmth of a Narita Autumn

As I look forward to the coming autumn, I’ve been going through some of my old fall photos to practice and prepare my processing techniques. I’ve learned some different things since last season, so it’s interesting to go back to some old photos with a newer set of processing skills with which to approach each photo. It’s also nice to remember what places are worth going back to visit during the season this year, and...
Les Taylor Photography

Skytree Silhouette

Having seen a bunch of photos from the Arakawa River in Tokyo, I decided to take a trip down one evening and capture my own shots of the Skytree at dusk. The evening colors were fantastic, and gave me quite a few pictures I enjoy. This one was a very interesting shot though. The buildings were all quite dark already, but I thought it would be interesting to darken them all the way so it...