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Photo of Ninenzaka Street in Kyoto

Day’s End At Ninenzaka Kyoto

Kyoto boasts a number of great places to enjoy the feeling of old Japan, and Ninenzaka (pictured in the photo below) is one of them. Ninenzaka literally means “two year slope,” though it takes far less than two years to traverse the slope unless you’re an extremely slow mover. Actually the two year part refers to a year of an imperial rule, but that’s not as fun. Anyway, as you can see the area has...
Photo of Stone Bridge

Gleason Falls Stone Bridge

One of my favorite parts of New England is the mixture of American history and nature that collide in the area, and today’s photo is a prime example of that. This photo comes from the Gleason Falls stone bridge, located in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Originally built in the 1840s, the bridge is still in use today, and while I’m sure it has been updated or renovated, I still believe it stands as a testimony to...
Lake Motosuko Mt Fuji

Lake Motosuko and The Milkyway

During a camping trip with my family and mother-in-law to Lake Motosuko, one of my goals was to try some astrophotography. I’ve shot a lot of nature here on earth, but not much focused on space, so it seemed like a great opportunity to do just that. I headed out very early in the morning to a viewpoint along Lake Motosuko, and remained there all the way through sunrise. I was pretty amazed when I...