Ryuzu Falls

My brother and I only got to spend one night in Nikko, so we tried to make the best of our time and see a lot of the lovely nature in the area. There are quite a few waterfalls throughout the Nikko area, although some are quite far away from the main town. Thankfully some of the best ones are fairly easy to get to via bus, and Ryuzu Falls is among them. Aside from being a great natural beauty, the falls also have a great name – Ryuzu means “dragon head” in Japanese, which surely is one of the coolest names a waterfall could receive. Regardless, beautiful though the sight was, the experience of the falls was different than I expected. The viewing area is actually connected to a reasonably sized tourist shop, which includes a small restaurant where you can order a variety of Japanese dishes. Seeing as yuba (a tofu dish) is a specialty of Nikko, my brother and I actually had some yuba udon for breakfast while enjoying the view of the falls. Of course, it’s nice to get to sit there and take in the view while you eat, but anytime the viewing area of a waterfall is connected to a tourist center, you can be sure it will be crowded. I can’t imagine how nuts it must be during the Autumn! But I also bet the view is gorgeous then too, so I may have to take the trip sometime in the future. Anyway, this is one of the photos I took of the falls from the tourist center observation deck. If you get the chance to check it out, I would recommend doing so!

Photo of Ryuzu FallsClick Here To Purchase A Print

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