It probably goes without saying, but there aren’t many wooded areas in Tokyo. Sure there are trees here and there, but most of Tokyo is just concrete and steel. However, there are a few select places where you can find natural scenery, and when it snows in these areas, one would be hard pressed to find much difference between that scene and a wintry New England view. When I stumbled across this spot, I could hardly believe how much it looked like New Hampshire in the snow. Any guesses where in Tokyo I took this photo?

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: 85mm f/1.8
Shot Info: f/8 | 1/160sec | ISO1250 | 11mm

Photo of Tokyo snow

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  1. Очень КРАСИВО!!! В Токио так мало снег лежит,но вы успели снять такую красоту! Спасибо!

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