Half Clean at Nezu Jinja

I took this photo back during last Summer at the Nezu Jinja in Tokyo, an area I actually pass through every day in and out of the city. The architecture around this shrine is pretty impressive, and for a lesser known one its grounds are quite expansive. I spent most of my time actually on the outside edges of the grounds, where to me at least the most interesting photographic subjects were located. This water basin seemed especially interesting to me because the water was flowing over on only one side of it, leave one part of the stone basin dark and the other side light. I also really like the play of colors between the green and dark orange color of the roof.

As a side note, sometimes shots like this can be really tough to level properly, especially when you’re shooting at a very wide angle as I was. There are a lot of little tricks you can do, but one of them that I used here is to find whatever straight lines you can, and line that up with your frame border. It may not always be perfect but it can help out. Also you’ll notice in the data below that I shot this at 1/8th of a second – this is where steady hands and certain techniques such as holding your breath makes a difference between a sharp photo and a blurry one.

One final note – I’m trying something new today, where I show a before and after from the processing of the photo. Just use the slider below to go back and forth between the two. Enjoy!

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
Shot Info: f/11 | 1/8 sec | ISO250 | 11mm

[beforeafter]Photo of Nezu Shrine in TokyoD7K_7428_small[/beforeafter]

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