Evening at Himeji Station

Back in November I paid a visit to Hyogo Prefecture on an assignment with Japan Travel. After finishing my work for the day, I went through Himeji Station on the way back to my hotel and took a few photos. This was a favorite for a couple of reasons. First of all, the way the taxis were parked provided both a nice foreground element and a kind of leading line into the rest of the image. Secondly, Himeji is most famous for the ancient castle located there (so ancient, in fact, that you have to take your shoes off to go inside), so this image provides a nice contrast to that aspect of the town.

Below the image you can see a speed processing video that condenses roughly 30 minutes of Photoshop processing into a little over a minute. For this image I actually began the processing in Lightroom where I merged the images into an HDR, and also edited the images individually somewhat to prepare them to export into Photoshop. Although I’m typically impressed by Lightroom’s HDR capabilities, it’s still only the beginning point for me. After merging to HDR in Lightroom, I then moved the image over to Photoshop for manual blending to better control elements like lighting and color. That’s the part that speed processing video below shows.

Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 16-35mm f/4
Shot Info: f/11 | Multiple Exposures (Blended) | ISO 160 | 16mm

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Himeji Station Japan

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