Cherry Blossoms At The Meguro River In Tokyo

For the last week or so my brother has been in town, and during that time we went and visited a number of places around Tokyo to enjoy the cherry blossoms. If you follow me on Instagram in particular, you’ve probably seen a few of the images I’ve been sharing. This is one I just finished today though, and came from our first day out when we went to see the blossoms along the Meguro River. I’ve taken pictures here before, and this festival is always a lot of fun, with a great urban atmosphere mixed in with the wonderful scenery of the blossoms and the river.

Along with today’s photo I also have a new Photography Quick Tip to share with you showing one step in how I edited this photo. Be sure to check it out below!

Photo of Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo JapanClick Here To Purchase A Print

Watch my 3rd Photography Quick Tip on color balance adjustment right here:

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