Atami Castle Shizuoka Prefecture

Yesterday I had a church event down in Shizuoka Prefecture, and on the way back home took a stop by the town of Atami on the Pacific coast. It’s a beautiful little town with some fantastic scenery and places to explore. I only got there just in time for sunset (because the sunset is so early now!) but the little time I spent there convinced me I need to go back sometime and explore some more. Anyway, this is one shot I was able to quickly process. The castle here is Atami Castle, and is famous for, among other things, being the climax of the fight between Godzilla and King Kong. Thankfully, it was only destroyed in special effects, and still stands as a beautiful coastal castle today.

Regarding the shot, unfortunately the longest lens I had on me was my 85mm, which while a slight zoom on full frame, was not quite enough to get the framing I wanted. I ended up having to use the D610’s DX mode, which effectively makes the zoom reach longer, though sacrificing image size. For those interested, the reason this works is because the lens itself is actually made for FX, but since a DX sensor is physically smaller, it only uses the center of the lens. That means you end up getting an extended reach, and many photographers, particularly wildlife photographers for example, may use this to their advantage at times, although in my case it worked great for a stationary castle.

Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.8G
Shot Info: f/5.6 | .6 sec | ISO400 | 85mm

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