Yet another year is coming to an end, and that means it is time to choose my top 10 favorite photographs! I was fortunate to be able to photograph some beautiful locations this year throughout Japan – so many, in fact, that I still have many pictures left to edit! But out of the ones I’ve finished, these are my favorites. You can click on any of the images to see a larger version

Thanks so much for following along throughout the year! Here’s to a wonderful 2017 – may it be filled with great memories and great photos!

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean from the Izu Peninusla

Late Afternoon Over Tokyo From The Skytree

Kaneyama Waterfall, Yamanashi Prefecture

Mt Fuji Reflected In Rice Paddies

View From Yokohama Bay

Autumn On Lake Haruna, Gunma Prefecture

Milkyway Over Mt Fuji

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) in the Spring

Sunrise Over Japanese Rice Paddies, Chiba Prefecture

Sunset From Mt Iyogatake, Chiba Prefecture


  1. I was asked today by Matthew and Brittany Pearce if I ever heard of you and your photography. I have followed your work for a long time. Always wanted to ask a question but didn’t know if I could. Anyway, Brittany is my favorite, special niece. 
    I enjoy your work. Delona Fulkerson 

    1. Thanks for dropping by to comment! Matthew and Brittany are fantastic, without a doubt. 🙂 Appreciate them both very much, and appreciate your kind words. Thanks again!

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