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Les Taylor Photography

Skytree Silhouette

Having seen a bunch of photos from the Arakawa River in Tokyo, I decided to take a trip down one evening and capture my own shots of the Skytree at dusk. The evening colors were fantastic, and gave me quite a few pictures I enjoy. This one was a very interesting shot though. The buildings were all quite dark already, but I thought it would be interesting to darken them all the way so it...
Photo of New Hampshire

Summer Sunset on the Pemigewasset

The location of today’s photo holds some special memories for me. My wife is from New Hampshire, and as a child grew up camping with her family at this location. So after we married I was lucky enough to get to join in on this family past time. The river in the photo is of course beautiful, but it also has a mouthful of a name. The river is called the Pemigewasset (pronounced pem-ee-juh-wah-set), and...
Photo of Pensacola Beach sunset

A Pensacola Beach Sunset

I talked a little yesterday about my experience living in North Carolina, so I figured I’d continue my trip down memory lane talking about my hometown of Pensacola, Florida. This is actually the city I was born in, and though I moved around a lot as a kid, it’s where I spent much of my life up through college. When I was a kid, it wasn’t quite as nice of a city, but over the...