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Photo of storms over Japan

Summer Storms Over Japan

Last night I took an impromptu trip to check out the Chiba Port Tower with my daughter. It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and in Japan that means lots of humidity, heat, and otherwise fatigue inducing weather. As a photographer, that’s not especially inspiring to go out and shoot, but it has been several weeks at least since I really went out just to shoot last, so I figured a nice indoor observatory would be...
Photo of Pensacola Beach Pier

Beneath The Pensacola Beach Pier

I’ve been going through some old photos lately and came across this one that I’m pretty sure I haven’t shared before. I took this in 2011, not long after my interest in photography had been rekindled. My Nikon D7000 was only a few months old, and I had just purchased my first super wide angle lens – the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. At the time I was living in Pensacola, Florida, so I headed over to...
Photo of Tokyo Skyscrapers

City In The Sky

I took this down in Shinjuku a week or so ago. I didn’t really intend to take any photos of the buildings, but as I was walking by and saw this scene I decided to give it a try. As it happens, it reminds me of the intro to a certain TV show of my childhood. Any guesses what show I’m talking about? Click Here To Purchase A Print
Diamond Veil Tokyo Tower

View From The Prince Park Hotel Superior Comfort Room

In early March I had the opportunity to, in cooperation with JapanTravel.com, spend an evening at the Prince Park Hotel in Tokyo. This hotel is amazing, and boasts not only great service and comfort, but an awesome view from the room. As a photographer, getting an opportunity to shoot this kind of view is always welcome. I actually did a full photo story for the hotel and Japan Travel, so I hope you’ll enjoy seeing...
Photo of Rainbow Bridge

Blue Night Rainbow Bridge

Last night I got together with a friend who lives near me to take some photos around Odaiba in Tokyo. Odaiba offers some fantastic views of Tokyo Bay and the lovely Rainbow Bridge. This is a shot I grabbed while we were out there. It was a really great night – the weather was absolutely fantastic, with clear visibility, but few crowds to speak of. Going on a Tuesday night probably help. 🙂 Camera: Nikon...