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The Portland Head Lighthouse Maine

Ditching The Landscape In Landscape Photography

There’s a popular song from my high school days by Sister Hazel in which they sing “if you want to be somebody else, change your mind.” While this certainly applies to the much more important area of personal improvement, it also applies to photographic improvement. Although in our case the lyrics might be something more like “change your view.” Changing how you see a scene can make a big difference in your landscape photography, and...
Japan Pacific Coast

Morning Waves In Choshi Japan

This is another image from my trip to Choshi in Chiba Prefecture last month, and while I like the photo well enough, I’m not totally happy with the composition. As I said in a previous post, I arrived to the coast later than I had intended. This meant I wasn’t ready to start shooting until the sun was already up, leaving me to rush a bit once I arrived to try to make something of...