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Lightroom Mobile iPhone app

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Lightroom Mobile

Ever since Adobe released Lightroom for mobile devices, it has been a big part of my mobile photography workflow. Unfortunately for many mobile photographers, since its release, Lightroom Mobile could only be used by those with a Creative Cloud subscription. But this month, that all changed! Lightroom Mobile is now available for everyone to download and use completely for free. This is an amazing development and a huge gift from Adobe. Lightroom Mobile is one...
Autumn in New Hampshire

Faux Autumn In The White Mountains

Generally when I’m photographing something I prefer to keep my image at least reasonably close to what I saw in person. For example, I don’t like to mix the sky from one location and time to the mountains of a completely different location and time. I don’t even like to manipulate colors too heavily – I might enhance them, but completely changing them isn’t how I normally operate. However, there are situations where you need...
Les Taylor Photography

Behind Closed Doors – Kyoto, Japan

While I often post photos edited using various features of Adobe’s powerful Photoshop software, I thought it would be interesting to try a new series here at the blog where I post a photo only edited in Lightroom. No masking, no layer adjustments, nothing fancy really – just essential edits in Lightroom. The reason I wanted to try this is because I believe Lightroom is one of the best pieces of software a photographer can...