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Unasawa Great Falls

Swirling Unasawa Autumn – Lightroom Only

Last week I headed with my photography buddy Anthony Wood to the Unasawa Valley in Okutama, on the outskirts of Tokyo. It was a great hike and we hit the area at a near perfect time for autumn colors. This was one of the last photos I took on our hike, at the Unasawa Great Falls. While the waterfall doesn’t look so “great” in this picture, that’s because you’re only seeing the very bottom of...
Lightroom Mobile iPhone app

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Lightroom Mobile

Ever since Adobe released Lightroom for mobile devices, it has been a big part of my mobile photography workflow. Unfortunately for many mobile photographers, since its release, Lightroom Mobile could only be used by those with a Creative Cloud subscription. But this month, that all changed! Lightroom Mobile is now available for everyone to download and use completely for free. This is an amazing development and a huge gift from Adobe. Lightroom Mobile is one...