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Photo of Japan pacific coast

Stones of Choshi & Color Range Selection Tutorial

Feels like a long time since I last posted! And really I guess it has been, but for good reason – my third child and first son was born this past week. As you can imagine I’ve been quite busy (in a great way) with the new person in the family, but now I’m back and ready to share not only a new photo but also a new video tutorial. This photo comes from Japan’s...
Chiba coastline

First Sunrise at Chiba’s Pacific Coast

While I believe America definitely has the upper hand when it comes to the Christmas holiday season, Japan takes the cake a week later for New Years. In America, my experience has been that New Years is just an excuse to party. In Japan however, there’s a whole list of traditions surrounding New Years. Since this isn’t a post about Japanese traditions, I won’t go into all of them, but I will share with you...