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Terraced Rice Paddies

Terraced Rice Fields In Chiba Prefecture Japan

Last week I took a photography trip down to southern Chiba Prefecture. There are lots of great places to photograph there, but one of the main places I wanted to shoot was these terraced rice fields in Kamogawa. These are known as the Oyama Senmaida rice fields, and are unique in that they are the only rice fields in Japan to grow solely on rain water. These fields have been on my radar for several...
rice fields in Japan

Sunset Over Japanese Rice Fields

A couple of weeks back I went out with my photographer friend Anthony Wood to shoot the sunset in the rice fields near where he lives. It was a pretty relaxed outing, and while it seemed like the whole thing was going to be a flop due to clouds, just at the end of the sunset things livened up a bit. We then followed it up with a delicious hamburger at a place owned by...