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Photo of Cherry Blossom petals

Floating Cherry Blossom Petals

This Spring toward the end of cherry blossom season my family was out to pick up some dinner, and as we took a shortcut through a local shrine I saw these petals floating in a little basin that had filled with water. The lighting was working well, and I really liked the color and lines added to the scene by the small net draped across the basin. Of course, these little petals are so light...
Photo of cherry blossoms falling in the wind

Falling Of The Blossoms at Mizumoto Koen

The 2014 Cherry Blossom season has come and gone around the Kanto region of Japan. It was great and I will have many photos to share over the coming weeks, but I did want to share this one I took in Mizumoto Park in Tokyo. This park is actually on the outskirts of Tokyo, and not too far from my home. I had gone by bike to check it out for a future photo shoot...