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Flow water in a river

Intimate Portrait of the Pemigewasset River

Everyone loves a great wide angle landscape and for good reason – this is how we see the world; it’s how we experience nature around us, wide and open with so much to take in. But there’s another way we experience the world, albeit more subtle, which is more intimate and detailed. We see individual stones in a river, particular leaves on an autumn tree, or specific mountain peaks that stand out as beautiful, and...
Photo of New Hampshire

Summer Sunset on the Pemigewasset

The location of today’s photo holds some special memories for me. My wife is from New Hampshire, and as a child grew up camping with her family at this location. So after we married I was lucky enough to get to join in on this family past time. The river in the photo is of course beautiful, but it also has a mouthful of a name. The river is called the Pemigewasset (pronounced pem-ee-juh-wah-set), and...