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Sunset at The Yasaka Pagoda In Kyoto

One of the main places I wanted to visit and photography during my recent trip to Kyoto was the Kiyomizu Temple. I was able to go but unfortunately the grounds close at 6pm, which is far too early during the warmer months to capture the sunset, as was my goal. I took what photos I...

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  • David LaSpinaNice tutorial. I go through phases with my usage of split-toning. For a month I’ll use it on all my images, then I won’t touch it for a few months. Come to thing of it, I treat a lot of photo tools this way (HDR, textures, etc)

    Lovely photo too. I love Kyoto and when I first arrived in Japan I went there every few months (it’s only a 30 minute trip from Okazaki via shinkansen). At this point I haven’t visited in several years… I feel the urge to go there again when I see photos like this.ReplyCancel

    • leslieThanks! I love using split toning … I use it in some form in a large portion of my photos. I’ve sort of got a basic workflow I go through for most of my professional photos now, though it depends on the photo as to what I may or may not use of course. As for Kyoto, I loved it. The last time I went my photography skills were lacking at best, so it was a lot of fun this time to get to shoot it and feel like I could produce something worth sharing! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Day’s End At Ninenzaka Kyoto » Les Taylor Photo[…] location to enjoy the atmosphere of years gone by. It’s also right next door to the famous view of the Yasaka Pagoda – if you walk maybe 20 steps behind where I took this photo, you can see that view – […]ReplyCancel

The Five Story Pagoda of Sensoji

If you read my blog regularly you know that I recently purchased the Nikon D610 and sold my D7000. After selling the D7000, I used the money to purchase Nikon’s 16-35mm f/4 VR lens. I’ve really been enjoying it! It’s a spectacular lens, and sharp as can be. Also recently, my oldest daughter has begun...

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  • Deano @ JapanTravelMate.comAwesome photo… I keep scrolling down on this shot, quite a cool effect how it expands as you scroll down, like some kind of tripped out visual trick!ReplyCancel