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Koganezaki Japan sunset

Cloudy Koganezaki Sunset – Lightroom Only

I’ve been wanting to do another Lightroom Only post for a while, and this photo gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that. This image comes from Koganezaki – a lovely cape on the Western coast of Japan’s Izu Peninsula. Considering how lovely it is, I was all the more disappointed that the weather was not nicer. As you can see, it was totally cloudy, with only a short window of diffused light coming...
Les Taylor Photography

Morning Light On The Pacific Coast of Japan

Our lives are a mix of internal planning and responses to external forces. Of course this holds true in things like romance and business, but you might be surprised to find it’s also true in photography. I did not always understand this. For the longest time I thought photography was mostly about luck and a bit of technical know-how. Personal experience has convinced me otherwise. Yes, good timing does help. Yes, technical know-how is essential....
Japan Pacific Coast

Morning Waves In Choshi Japan

This is another image from my trip to Choshi in Chiba Prefecture last month, and while I like the photo well enough, I’m not totally happy with the composition. As I said in a previous post, I arrived to the coast later than I had intended. This meant I wasn’t ready to start shooting until the sun was already up, leaving me to rush a bit once I arrived to try to make something of...