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Lighthouse beam and moon

Shoot For The Moon

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” This is a photo I took in Choshi earlier this year. As the day came to an end, Anthony Wood and I found ourselves on the rocky Japanese coast line, with this lighthouse beaming a light through the night sky. It was tempting to shoot it from afar, and I did that too, but my favorite shot ended up being this less...
October 2014 Lunar Eclipse

October 2014 Lunar Eclipse

Tonight we got a special treat in Japan, as we were able to see a full eclipse of the moon. Thought I’d share a quick photo I took this evening. Unfortunately the biggest lens I currently have is an 85mm full frame lens, and even using DX mode on my camera I had to crop significantly. Still, it didn’t turn out too badly. Hope you got to enjoy it, wherever you are! Camera: Nikon D610...
Photo of Tokyo Skyscrapers

City In The Sky

I took this down in Shinjuku a week or so ago. I didn’t really intend to take any photos of the buildings, but as I was walking by and saw this scene I decided to give it a try. As it happens, it reminds me of the intro to a certain TV show of my childhood. Any guesses what show I’m talking about? Click Here To Purchase A Print