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Photo of three boats

Three Is The Loneliest Number

I took this photo along the shores of Lake Teganuma in Abiko, Chiba Prefecture. That morning my daughter and I had intended to go up to a different lake for the first sunrise of the year, but ended up missing our train and couldn’t go anywhere to watch the sunrise. So we decided to at least catch the first sunset of the year at Teganuma. It was a lovely sunrise, but perhaps after missing something...
Photo of bicycle on the street


The other day I went to the Bunkyo Civic Center in Tokyo to take some morning photos of Mt Fuji. I had never been before but I’ve seen enough photos from the building to know I wanted to take a stop by sometime. Unfortunately, the weather upon entering the train and the weather upon exiting the subway were significantly different. I could still see a lot, but Fuji was completely covered in clouds. But, I...