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chidorigafuchi cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossom Season In Tokyo

It’s no secret – I love cherry blossom season in Japan. There are lots of amazing events all year long here, but really nothing tops the cherry blossoms. If I’m totally honest though, I enjoy the season more out in the countryside away from the skyscrapers and crowds, exploring in the relative peace and quiet. Yet, there is something to be said for the sakura season around Tokyo. It’s such a massive city with so...
Photo of Meguro Gajoen Hall in Tokyo

Meguro Gajoen Hall

Last year while shooting for GaijinPot’s Yamanote Line Japanese study series, I was having trouble finding something interesting to shoot around Meguro Station. Many of these stations look very much alike (i.e. boring and/or a bit run down), and I was challenged to get something unique about the area. I did a little research and found that a minute or two walk down the road from the station was this lovely hall used for a...