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Photo of rocky stream

Mt Mitake Rock Garden

I think this may be my favorite photo from my recent hike around Mt. Mitake. It took me a while to get around to the best parts of the rock garden (ロックガーデン) as I spent a lot of time at Nanayo waterfall and other areas earlier on in the hike. As you might imagine, after an early morning and many hours of hiking, it was nice to reach such a quiet, calm spot like this....
Photo of green fern

Ferns of Kamakura

I mentioned in my previous post about taking a trip down to Enoshima last week with fellow photographer Anthony Wood. We had actually made the trip for Kamakura, but Enoshima is just a quick train ride away so we went there for a good part of the afternoon. During our time in Kamakura, while exploring one of the many temples in the area, we came across these ferns that caught my attention. I’ve never really...