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Photo of Pensacola Florida

Zarragossa Street in Pensacola Florida

Today is the 4th of July, and for my non-American friends, that means it’s Independence Day! Although we couldn’t have the customary fireworks, my family did have some homemade burgers. On a day like this I’m left remembering my home. I love Japan, but there are definitely times that I would love to be back in the states. But since I can’t do that, I can at least go back through old photos and remember...
Photo of Kurashiki Bikan

Ride Through The Bikan

This photo comes from my family’s trip to Okayama Prefecture several weeks back. I didn’t include it in the Kurashiki Evening post, I’m not sure why, but anyway I like it a lot. Sometimes as a photographer it’s good to get as low as you can, but in certain places that can be a challenge. Thankfully, along the canal of the Bikan District, there’s a small area where you can stand that is below the...
Les Taylor Photography

Kyu Furukawa Conder House in Autumn

This past fall I took a visit to the Kyu Furukawa Gardens in Tokyo. My personal experience was that this place is kind of a secret gem of gardens in Tokyo. There are certainly many more famous and considerably more crowded gardens across the city. And normally if a garden isn’t particularly well known, it’s for good reason – perhaps the place isn’t well kept or something along those lines. But I found these gardens...