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Snow River Akita Japan

Snowy Scenes From The Shinkansen

In early December, I took a single day trip to Akita Prefecture for an assignment. Akita is about 3-4 hours from Tokyo by shinkansen (bullet train) so suffice it to say this was a very brief trip! There was snow in the forecast though, so I was excited about potential photographic opportunities. However, with¬†nearly 8 hours of total travel and a job to do for much of the day,¬†there wouldn’t be much spare time for...
Photo of bullet train in Japan

A Speeding Bullet Train in Tokyo

I took this photo of a passing Shinkansen (bullet train) in Tokyo near Hamamatsucho Station. Although not perfect, it’s a pretty decent spot to grab some shots of these trains passing by. Of course, with bullet trains, at least to me, you want to show the movement of the train. It’s part of what makes them so interesting! In order to do that, you can use a process called “panning” which I used to take...