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Chiba coastline

First Sunrise at Chiba’s Pacific Coast

While I believe America definitely has the upper hand when it comes to the Christmas holiday season, Japan takes the cake a week later for New Years. In America, my experience has been that New Years is just an excuse to party. In Japan however, there’s a whole list of traditions surrounding New Years. Since this isn’t a post about Japanese traditions, I won’t go into all of them, but I will share with you...
Photo of Pensacola Beach Pier

Beneath The Pensacola Beach Pier

I’ve been going through some old photos lately and came across this one that I’m pretty sure I haven’t shared before. I took this in 2011, not long after my interest in photography had been rekindled. My Nikon D7000 was only a few months old, and I had just purchased my first super wide angle lens – the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. At the time I was living in Pensacola, Florida, so I headed over to...
Photo of Pensacola Beach sunset

A Pensacola Beach Sunset

I talked a little yesterday about my experience living in North Carolina, so I figured I’d continue my trip down memory lane talking about my hometown of Pensacola, Florida. This is actually the city I was born in, and though I moved around a lot as a kid, it’s where I spent much of my life up through college. When I was a kid, it wasn’t quite as nice of a city, but over the...