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Nubble Lighthouse Maine

Dawn at the Nubble Lighthouse

After 3 weeks in the United States, I’m finally back and have been able to start processing the many photos I took during the trip. I was fortunate to photograph so many amazing and beautiful locations in New England, it was difficult to know where to begin, but I figured – where better to begin than the beginning! This photo comes from the oddly named but stunning Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine. Officially known as...
Sunbeams through trees

Sunrise Through The Pines

It was late April, and I had just completed a long night photographing the Milky Way and the beautiful colors of dawn on Lake Motosoku. Returning to my family’s campsite, I was tired and ready to enjoy some breakfast, assuming my photography was basically finished for the day. But then I saw the sunrise bursting through the trees around the campground, and I knew I had to capture it. This particular campground is expansive, and...