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Beautiful Photo of Tokyo

Tokyo On Line

I took this photo back in January from Tokyo’s World Trade Center. It has a nice, fairly spacious observatory on the top floor where they (surprisingly) allow you to use tripods. Considering some of the great views available from the building, it’s kind of a photographer’s paradise. Of course I took a host of other photos, but I enjoyed this one specifically for the way the street was leading the eye right up to the...
How to do light trail photography

Light Trails of Kaihin Makuhari and New Tutorial!

Very excited to share today’s photo! First, because I like the photo a lot. But also because this is the first photography tutorial I’ve done in quite a while. I know a lot of people like light trail photography, but not everyone knows how to do it. So using this photo I take you from the location where I shot it all the way through my post processing workflow. This photo was taken here in...