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Photo of Ninenzaka Street in Kyoto

Day’s End At Ninenzaka Kyoto

Kyoto boasts a number of great places to enjoy the feeling of old Japan, and Ninenzaka (pictured in the photo below) is one of them. Ninenzaka literally means “two year slope,” though it takes far less than two years to traverse the slope unless you’re an extremely slow mover. Actually the two year part refers to a year of an imperial rule, but that’s not as fun. Anyway, as you can see the area has...
Photo of Kyoto Gion District

Highashiyama Gion in Kyoto

If you follow me on any of my various social media outlets, you’ll know that I was in Kyoto this past week. The main reason I went is to start filming for a digital workshop that I’m planning to release later this year. But one does not simply go to Kyoto to film part of a workshop! You really can’t go without visiting all the amazing places in the city and taking lots of photos....
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Kyu Furukawa Conder House in Autumn

This past fall I took a visit to the Kyu Furukawa Gardens in Tokyo. My personal experience was that this place is kind of a secret gem of gardens in Tokyo. There are certainly many more famous and considerably more crowded gardens across the city. And normally if a garden isn’t particularly well known, it’s for good reason – perhaps the place isn’t well kept or something along those lines. But I found these gardens...