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Yokohama Bay Evening View

So, a little background to this image. Almost 4 years ago I took a trip down to Yokohama, which is about a 2 hour trip by train from where I live. My plan was to get there around sunset and shoot into the early evening around the Yokohama bay area. I ended up running a...

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  • CalumHi Les, I have mainly used long exposure shooting around Yokohama at night but you used HDR blend instead – what do you get from HDR rather than long?
    Ps there are some other good little spots close byReplyCancel

    • leslieHey Calum! Basically this allows me to balance the light better. This photo is made up of 3 different exposures that I took using the bracketing function on my camera. The longest exposure was around 20 seconds long. That longer exposure gives nice details in the darker areas like the grass or sky, but it leaves most of the bright areas blown out. By blending in a darker exposure, I’m able to return some detail to those areas as well. So for example, if you were to zoom in on the image all the way, you could actually see the ceilings in some of the windows in this image, whereas in the 20 second exposure, it’s just light. If I make it back down to Yokohama by myself again I may try to send you an email and get you to show me some of those little spots. 🙂ReplyCancel