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Mt Fuji Sunrise

Mt Fuji Sunrise On Lake Motosuko

This image is one that I took about a year ago from a sunrise on Lake Motosuko, at the base of Mt Fuji. There are five famous lakes scattered around Mt. Fuji, all formed presumably from past eruptions. Some of the lakes even used to be connected, but lava flows cut through and separated them. I’ve been to four of the five (I’ve not yet visited Yamanakako, though that is on my list to do...
Les Taylor Photography

Mt Fuji On Lake Motosuko

I mentioned in my previous post how, during a recent camping trip, I had spent the night shooting astrophotography shots along Lake Motosu at the base of Mt. Fuji. While I spent the whole night there, my night of shooting didn’t actually end until after sunrise. The colors of sunrise begin quite early during the warmer months, being particularly noticeable from around 4am on. This shot was taken less than an hour later, just short...
Mt Fuji From the Air

Fuji From The Air

During my flight down to Okayama a couple of weeks back, we had the luck of passing by Fuji in clear enough weather to see it. Seeing Fuji from the ground is spectacular enough, but seeing it from the air is something really special. Although I couldn’t see it out of my own window (my seat was on the other side) I was fortunate enough to be on a rather sparse flight, so I rushed...