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Shiraito Falls Nagano

Shiraito Waterfall in Nagano Japan

During my Autumn photography trip this year, I got to take an afternoon trip to Shiraito Falls in Nagano Prefecture. This shouldn’t be confused with the Shiraito Falls in Shizuoka Prefecture, as they’re completely different locations relatively far away from each other (although both are beautiful). The Shiraito Waterfall in Nagano is actually a unique type of waterfall. With most waterfalls, a river reaches a cliff where it tumbles over and continues the river below....
Photo of single autumn leaf

Autumn On The Rocks

Over the course of this year, I’ve been trying to transition my photographic work more into the realm of nature. Although I do many kinds of photography, ultimately this is where I’d like to focus, along with some travel photography as well. Of course, Tokyo isn’t exactly rife with nature, and not having a car currently, it can make it difficult to find good places for that kind of work. There is, however, one area...