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Les Taylor Photography

Upper Falls of Sabbaday Falls in New Hampshire

Getting through the winter months around Tokyo is kind of tough for me. The area doesn’t see a lot of snow as it is, and even when it does, it’s not typically very much and doesn’t stick around for long. Mostly things are just cold and dead, waiting for the revival of spring. To be fair, spring brings the cherry blossoms which is well worth the wait, but it’s still tough to sit around so...
Unasawa Great Falls

Swirling Unasawa Autumn – Lightroom Only

Last week I headed with my photography buddy Anthony Wood to the Unasawa Valley in Okutama, on the outskirts of Tokyo. It was a great hike and we hit the area at a near perfect time for autumn colors. This was one of the last photos I took on our hike, at the Unasawa Great Falls. While the waterfall doesn’t look so “great” in this picture, that’s because you’re only seeing the very bottom of...