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leaf floating in water

Autumn Vibrations

While exploring around Kumoba Pond in Karuizawa earlier this month, I found a great spot where the leaves could float atop the water and catch the light perfectly. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough leaves going by on their own to get the shot that I wanted, so I had to improvise a bit by finding a good leaf nearby and placing it in the water myself. Due to the inconsistencies in the current it took several...
Photo of Japanese Maple leaves

Autumn Leaves on Green Moss in Kamakura

In December I took a trip to Kamakura with a fellow Chiba Prefecture based photographer. We went specifically to photograph the fall colors, and the colors were plentiful! One of the things I love about temples in Japan is just how many photographically interesting areas there are, along with a variety of great seasons to enjoy. The leaves in this picture are Japanese maples, known in Japan as momiji. I really enjoyed the contrast of...