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Photo of Tokyo snow

Solitary Snow Day

Today, Tokyo had a real snow day. It’s been snowing all day long – I don’t think it has stopped at all. It has accumulated pretty well, and it’s making transportation around the city tough. But, used to snow or not, the Japanese are a tough bunch, and they continue to get their business done. I’m sure this lady was cold (I sure was!) but she was roughing it through the weather, heading somewhere important...
Photo of Tokyo snow

Snowy Evening In Yurakucho

For Christmas one of the presents I received was a new 85mm f/1.8G for my Nikon. It’s actually an FX lens, and while I’m still using the cropped sensor D7000 at the moment, it works great on it. But on the cropped sensor the 85mm ends up being actually a zoom of over 100mm (I think, I haven’t actually done the math). Anyway, today it snowed around the Tokyo area, so I took the chance...