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Ryugaeshi Falls Nagano

Ryugaeshi Falls

This past week I was able to take part in a church retreat in Nagano Prefecture, which was great in and of itself! But since Nagano is a beautiful prefecture full of amazing natural scenery, I had to take advantage of the opportunity on my way home, which led to a visit to Ryugaeshi Falls (竜返しの滝). This waterfall is just outside of Karuizawa along the Shiraito Highland Highway, and thus easy to access. The nearby...
leaf floating in water

Autumn Vibrations

While exploring around Kumoba Pond in Karuizawa earlier this month, I found a great spot where the leaves could float atop the water and catch the light perfectly. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough leaves going by on their own to get the shot that I wanted, so I had to improvise a bit by finding a good leaf nearby and placing it in the water myself. Due to the inconsistencies in the current it took several...
Photo of Karuizawa Kogen Church

Chapel at Karuizawa Kogen Church

One of the places high on my list to visit and shoot during my recent trip to Karuizawa was the Karuizawa Kogen Church. As a Christian myself, I have a keen interest in the few Christian locations that exist around Japan, and as a photographer, I love to shoot them whenever possible. This particular visit ended up being pretty fantastic and unique. Fellow photographer Anthony Wood and I arrived at the church during their evening...