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Photo of bamboo in Japan

Where Earth Meets Sky

This Thanksgiving my family had the chance to enjoy a final get together with some good friends of ours who have been living on Yokosuka Naval Base. They’ve blessed us each year with a chance to come down and eat with them, to enjoy a true American Thanksgiving meal. They’ll be headed back to the US this month though, which is why it was our final time together. Anyway, since we were down there and...
Photo of Appalachian Mountains

Early Autumn on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Though I currently live in Japan, for several years my wife and I lived in the foothills of North Carolina. Unfortunately during that time I wasn’t huge into photography, so I missed a lot of great photographic opportunities living in that beautiful area. However, before we came back to Japan my wife and I took a visit back to Wilkes County, and one day we got a chance to go for a drive along the...